Stu Simpson is an original member of the CRFCYYC.  His past experience as a TV news reporter aids in his writing style.  Stu studied broadcasting at SAIT in Calgary before entering his current profession in an unrelated field.  His articles have appeared in West Coast Aviator, COPA Flight, various U.S. magazines, as well as an Australian publication.

Stu has been flying since 1986 and it’s interesting to read his articles and experience his progression from open cockpit style ultralights to the Merlin he is presently flying.   All his experiences speak to the aviator in us all, and I muse at the thought that every plane he has ever had was always the best one.   Of course it is natural to thoroughly enjoy your current ride, or why would you fly it?   I speak more to the fact that you should not worry about what others are doing or thinking of your plane, but do what’s best for you.   Enjoy Stu’s articles.

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