Pipistrel Panthera – So is it as good as it looks?

This video we’ll cover the Pipistrel Panthera which is currently in development, I’ll cover its features, the costs, performance, safety and competitors. The first things to note are its retractable landing gear and choice of MOGAS, electric or Hybrid engine! Yep the sleek design isn’t just for looks, but to make it more efficient, and friendlier to the environment and of course this means decent range and speed at a lower cost. “Panthera achieves unprecedented efficiency through careful aerodynamic shaping, retractable undercarriage, lightweight composite structure, a tailor-made propeller and a dedicated performance exhaust system. Efficiency is translated directly into more speed for the same power. No other four-seat aircraft exists that flies this fast on the same engine! For the owner this represents significantly lower operating costs and simplified maintenance. The maximal range is available with any payload, something which pilots of four-seat airplanes have been wishing for. ” Pipistrel