F+W C-3605

ShutterSpeedAero Photography

@ Speyer, Germany

December 2022

I was thrilled for a return visit to the excellent Speyer Technik Museum. Spotted this rare aircraft displayed outside amongst other exhibits. Farner Werke (F+W) C-3605 was a target towing aircraft operated by the Swiss Air Force from 1971–1987. The C-3605 was developed from the C-3603 with a turboprop replacement engine, necessitating the long nose for proper CG location. First flown in 1968, 24 of these aircraft were converted and two are still flying. This Museum-owned example was involved in a 2002 mid-air collision near Ludwigshafen, Germany during a photo flight.  The C-3605 was severely damaged and suffered engine failure with the pilot managing a deadstick landing in a vegetable field. It appears that no efforts have been made to repair the aircraft for airworthy or static display purposes.

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