A Merlin, Aloft

Join me on an early summer flight in southern Alberta, Canada. I flew my Macair Merlin from Chestermere-Kirkby Field, near Calgary, to Christie Field; about 35 miles to the east, on a cool, cloudy evening. Christie’s grass strip is only 1200 feet long, but the Merlin handled it with lots of room to spare, even without brakes.

My Merlin has a Continental O-200, which gives excellent STOL performance and a good cruise speed of about 90 mph. The plane is roomy, handles well, carries a good load and is a ton of fun to fly!

I used a Drift HD170 Stealth action camera and an iPod Touch 4G to film this. The Drift has innumerable mounting options, a rotatable lens, and it provides excellent video. The iPod does pretty well, too.

This little adventure was a lot of fun to film and fly. I can’t wait until next time. 🙂